I’m not begging for financial aid – Mr. Ibu speaks from hospital


Popular Nollywood actor and comedian, John Okafor, a.k.a. Mr. Ibu has spoken from hospital bed claiming that he is not soliciting financial assistance to pay his hospital bills.

Mr. Ibu is presently receiving treatment at Zenith Medical and Kidney Centre, Abuja hospital after being poisoned for the third time in about three years.

He was poisoned last week at a small entertainment event in Abuja. His health condition is improving and he may go back on set very soon.

He revealed that the video trending online where he asked his daughter to take his drugs was not meant to raise funds. He said that he had not permitted anybody to solicit funds on his behalf.

John Okafor is an Enugu-born actor and has featured in over 200 Nollywood movies such as Mr. Ibu (2004), Coffin Producers, Mr. Ibu and His Son, International Players, Husband Suppliers, Mr. Ibu in London (2004), just to mention a few.

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