Reactions as female fan grips Ruger’s manhood on stage


Nigerian have started reacting to the sexual assault on the popular singer, Micheal Adedayo, a.k.a. Ruger.
Ruger was performing yesterday when a female fan gripped his male sexual organ.

The assault took place when the singer moved to the edge of the stage.

The incident angered the singer, who stared angrily at the fan before leaving the stage.

Here are some comments on social media on the incident:

“The sad thing is if Ruger had hit the criminal who harassed him sexually on stage, people still gon say why would he hit a woman? Men are really suffering.”
– @jayythedope

“This was the girl that sexually harassed Ruger. She had wanted to dance with Ruger so bad but he kept on avoiding her. This is so terrible.”
– @JujuUnnoticed

“That girl that grabbed Ruger’s d*ck on stage, while performing no deserve that kind calm reaction as he ignored and left the stage angry. I trust burna boy, the girl teeth for full stage.”
– @90sSophie



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