Abuja-Kaduna Train Attack: How God Saved Me – Survivor


A survivor of the bomb attack on an Abuja-Kaduna train on Monday night has recounted his encounter.

Speaking with journalists on phone, he said that the earth shook at the explosion of the bomb, and the terrorists thereafter started to shoot them.

The passengers, who were about one thousand, fell on one another after the derailment of the train.

According to him, the passengers on the train who were about a thousand, fell on each other when the train derailed.

In his words, “We heard a loud bang. A bomb exploded.

“The earth shook and within the twinkle of an eye, it was gunshots everywhere.

“The terrorists surrounded the coaches and shot sporadically.

“Many were wounded. Some were hit by bullets as the terrorists closed in, trying to infiltrate the coaches.

“As the confusion heightened, many ran into the bushes on both sides of the track. It was by the will of Allah that I survived.”

In the meantime, relevant stakeholders are working together with the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) to track all passengers on board through the manifest.

The Kaduna State Government revealed on Tuesday that the evacuation of trapped passengers had been concluded.

According to a statement issued by Samuel Aruwan, Commissioner for Internal Security and Home Affairs, Kaduna State, “Passengers who sustained injuries, and other fatalities, have been moved to hospitals.”

He went further, ”Passengers were evacuated from different hard-to-reach areas in forests and rocky locations in Audujongom, off the Kaduna-Abuja Road.

“As stated yesterday, the Kaduna State Government is still liaising with the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) to ascertain the list from the passengers manifest for efficient tracking.

“Governor Nasir El-Rufai who commended all those who participated in the evacuation appealed to the hospitals to attend to the victims diligently.

“The Governor also directed the Ministry of Health to be in contact with the hospitals as government will bear the cost of their treatment.”

Search-and-rescue operations were still going on at the time of this update.

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