Tundun Abiola chides Hafsat Abiola for using MKO’s name to campaign for Yahaya Bello


One of the daughters of Late Chief MKO Abiola, the presumed winner of the 1993 presidential election, Tundun, has lambasted her half-sister, Hafsat Abiola-Costello.

Hafsat alleged offence was that she was using their father’s name to campaign for Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State, who is contesting the 2023 presidential election.

Last Saturday, Governor Bello made known officially that he would be contesting next year’s presidential election under the All Progressives Congress (APC).

In addition, he adopted ‘Hope 2023’ as his slogan, which was the same slogan MKO Abiola used in 1993.

He also chose Hafsat Abiola-Costello as his campaign organisation’s director-general.

While speaking on an Arise TV program, Hafsat disclosed that he accepted Bello’s offer because he has some characteristics in common with her father.

In a swift reaction, Tundun Abiola said that her sister does not have the right to use their father’s name to campaign for Bello.

Her words, “I have come to expect certain things even from that individual. Just because it is not surprising doesn’t mean that it is not staggeringly inappropriate.

“I’m referring to my half-sister, Hafsat, who is the DG of the Yahaya Bello campaign and her making comparisons to my dad.

“There are a lot of political players in his team; not one of them feels the need to throw their fathers under the bus for the sake of their principal.

“Come out and talk about your principal, his antecedents, his plans for the future of Nigeria and leave daddy out of it.

“It is not her right because it is not her name. It is our name and it is also a name of future generations of Abiola yet unborn who should be proud of a legacy.

“My father was tortured because UN does consider solitary confinement as torture. He was tortured then murdered and has left his legacy — only for it to be abused in this fashion.

“Everybody should just leave his name out of it, especially dishonesty, false equivalence, and cynical exploitation of a genuine struggle. It is nauseating.”

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