Insecurity: President Buhari has failed – Wole Soyinka


Professor Wole Soyinka has blamed President Muhammadu Buhari for his incapability of coming up with pragmatic ideas that will move the country forward.

Soyinka spoke at a media session with the title “Forget the past, forfeit the future: A nation seceding from humanity” on Thursday.

He said that President Buhari makes erratic moves on strategic occasions suggesting that the president is exhausted.

Soyinka said that when President Buhari visited Benue State after 70 people were killed by suspected herdsmen, he just asked Benue people to be peaceful with their neighbours, and did not work towards getting justice for those killed as well as their families.

In his words, “President Buhari has failed. Even he will admit that he’s tired, he’s an exhausted man; there are no more ideas, he made wrong moves at critical moments.

“When Buhari went to Benue after the killings, he told them to live like good neighbours, we’re talking about farmers that were butchered, driven out of their farms, women who were raped, people who were killed when they attended the funeral of those people by same herdsmen.

“I remember giving him a challenge. I said; act as a leader and he gave an announcement that any illegal occupant of any farm should leave within 48 hours otherwise…24 hours passed, 48 hours passed, months and years passed, we’re still where we are.”


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