Nollywood star Tonto Dikey says she is now a gold digger


Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikey, says that the only language she understands now is money and not a relationship.

In the backdrop of many male folks sending direct messages to her on Instagram asking her out or her hand in marriage.

She revealed this on her Instagram handle, claiming that her DM is full of messages from guys.

Failed Relationships

You will recall that Dikey’s marriage to Olakunle Churchill hit the rock due to irreconcilable differences.

Besides, her publicized relationship with Delta state’s politician, Prince Akporube Kpokpogri, did not stand the test of time.

As a result of this, it seems the actress is trying to be very careful in jumping to another relationship.

“I yam now a gold digger”

Reacting to the messages, she revealed that she replied to the advances with her account details.

Also, she reiterated that she was now a gold digger, and the only language she now understood is money.

According to her;

“My DM is so fun. Men: I love you, I wanna spend the rest of my life with you. I wanna care for you!!

“Me: Past account details. This is the only language I hear.

“Even if God sent you… he will respect my language and give you my offering!!

“I yam now a gold digger.”

Kenneth Okonkwo Praised Tonto Dikey

Recently, Tonto’s colleague in Nollywood, Kenneth Okonkwo, praised her for looking good amidst life’s challenges.

In an Instagram post, Okonkwo shared event pictures he attended with the mother of one and eulogized her.

He said it is a virtue to look good amidst various challenges of life.

Also, he advised men to make their wives happy without any outside influence.

“Let them enjoy you for who you are.

“Get the heart first and every other thing shall be added unto you,” he said.

The Nollywood actor opined that it is a good deed to love one’s neighbour as one’s self.


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