Buhari Government Can Bargain With Terrorists But Startled To Hear Citizens’ Opinion — Sacked Abuja Imam, Khalid


Sheikh Nuru Khalid has taken a swipe at the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Khalid was the former Chief Imam of Apo Legislative Quarters Mosque, who was sacked after his sermon against Buhari’s government.

According to Sahara Reporters, Khalid met with Omoyele Sowore yesterday.

The Imam said the Nigerian government bargains with terrorists and bandits but is not ready to hear citizens’ opinions, especially relating to human rights.

Furthermore, he opined that citizens should speak freely, and not be afraid of intimidation and harassment.

According to him;

“My mission is not to convert people to Islam but create awareness in the minds of Nigerians that we are not slaves.

“Our mothers gave birth to us as free people, we are free people, that freedom is very vital.

“If we can maintain that freedom, we can speak out against bad governance.

“But if we are afraid of them, we are now slaves.

“Somebody will just take one person and negotiate a price.

“That’s what is happening in Nigeria today, they’re kidnapping citizens, selling them out.

“Look at someone that can bear to negotiate with criminals.

“Now he’s afraid to listen to citizens. There’s a problem.”

How Khalid Was Sacked

The steering committee of Apo Mosque sacked Sheikh Nuru Khalid after he delivered a sermon that criticized President Buhari’s government.

The cleric blamed Buhari for not paying a visit to Kaduna after terrorists attacked an Abuja-Kaduna train.

However, eight passengers died in the incident, and the terrorists kidnapped many of them.

Some days earlier, unknown gunmen invaded the Kaduna airport and killed one person in another attack.

Sermon’s Strong Point

In Khalid’s sermon, he urged Nigerians to ignore the 2023 polls if the government fails to solve the country’s problems.

Besides, he was particular about security problems as well as other issues facing the country.

Reason For Sack

The steering committee of Apo Mosque said it sacked Khalid because his sermon could incite public outrage.

However, Nigerians have criticized the government of President Buhari for allowing the sack.

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