(Video) How Chrisland School 10-year-old female pupil was raped

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More facts have emerged on how a 10-year-old pupil of Chrisland School was allegedly raped in Dubai during the World School Games.

The event took place from March 10 to 13, 2022, and the school won 34 medals at the event.

The mother of the girl that was allegedly raped has cried to Nigerians for help so that she can get justice.

She spoke with Ubi Franklin, a music executive, and the video is available at the end of this post.

According to the woman, some people filmed the act and posted it on the internet.

In addition, she claimed that the school authorities tried to conceal the occurrence from parents until she saw the video through another parent.

Furthermore, she said the school made a threat to put her daughter to death if she spill the beans.

Victim Suspended

In a related development, Chrisland School has suspended the girl that was allegedly raped as well as other schoolmates.

The school accused them of participating in a truth-or-dare game when in Dubai.

Moreover, the school claimed that the parents of the girl did not cooperate with the school when investigating the matter.

In the letter sent to the parents of the girl, she was a major participant in the truth-or-dare game.

Mother Denied Allegations

However, the mother of the victim said the school suspended her daughter because they met the school authority eyeball-to-eyeball.

She alleged that one of the boys, Kachi, tricked her daughter into their room, and later gave her a substance.

After taking the substance, she did not know what she was doing again.

It was under the influence of the substance they took that they took advantage of her daughter.

In the meantime, Chrisland School is yet to respond to the allegation but you can watch the video below.

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