TELPECON Grant Disbursement Update

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Are you searching for a TELPECON grant disbursement update, this piece is for you.

The full meaning of TELPECON is The Less Privileged Coordinators Network.

It is an NGO recognised by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).

Furthermore, it was registered on February 4 2019, however, it currently has an inactive status with the commission.

telpecon disbursement update

Many NGOs come together to form TELPECON, and it has over 44 million members throughout the federation.

Rev Elochukwu Mamah is the Executive National President of the organisation.

Furthermore, its area of concentration includes industry, skill acquisition and agriculture.

It hopes to fight poverty through the issuance of grants for rural dwellers for small businesses.

Registering for TELPECON

The Less Privileged Coordinators Network’s platform for registration is

On the other hand, a visit to the website by Naija Post shows that it is not functioning again.

It expired after the owners did not attempt its renewal.

What is the Latest News on TELPECOM Disbursement?

After a thorough investigation, Naija Post discovers that the time for TELPECOM disbursement is not certain.

We tried to contact the organisation through social media but it was not successful.

Unfortunately, we can trace any social media account to the organisation.

While our research was going on, we came across a Facebook page, Telpecon Real Update.

According to the page, there are indications that meetings are still going on among leaders of the organisation.

Further, our investigation revealed that some people are trying to use the name to cheat others.


With this TELPECON grant disbursement update, we hope you will be in a better position to make the best decision.

Do not pay to get a grant because anyone asking you to pay before giving you a grant may be a scammer.

Stay glued to this blog for more updates on TELPECON disbursement.

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