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Theobarth Global Foundation (TGF) is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) for empowering the less privileged.

Its country director is Ambassador Theophilus Ebonyi, who is also the founder of Faith on the Rock Ministry.

The ministry is a Christian organisation that operates in Nasarawa State.

How you can Apply for Theobarth Global Foundation Grant

If you want to enrol for the Theobarth Global Foundation Grant, you need to belong to a cluster.

theobarth grant disbursement update

In addition, you must have a functioning bank account to participate in the programme.

During registration, you must supply your bank name, account name, and account number.

Goals of Theobarth Global Foundation

One of the goals of the foundation is to improve the lives of the less privileged.

Moreover, it aims at promoting skill acquisition as well as providing scholarships for students.

Another goal of the foundation is the provision of low-interest or interest-free soft loans, and care for widows and orphans.

Theobarth Grant Update

According to reports, the foundation is yet to disburse funds at the time of writing this post.

Currently, the foundation is reportedly holding consultations with relevant government agencies to guarantee smooth disbursement.

As soon as the consultations reach a meaningful stage, the foundation would start disbursement.

Hence, all applicants need to verify their ID with their clusters so that they won’t miss out.

You should supply your cluster with two passports in addition to your means of identification, e.g. NIN, voters’ card, drivers’ license or international passport.

You should not pay to register because it is free.

What You Should Do Now

If you have registered and verified your identity, you should exercise patience until disbursement begins.

The website of the foundation is

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