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The draw of the Premier MSP game takes place every Monday at 7:45 PM.

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We publish the result immediately after the announcement of the draw result.

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How You Can Play Baba Ijebu

There is a simple format for playing Baba Ijebu games, also known as Premier lotto.

Five winning numbers are chosen from 90 balls for every game.


Permutation is also known as Perm, and it allows you to win in multiple ways.

The most loved permutation is perm2, which gives you the chance to select from 3 to 10 numbers.

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A minimum of two numbers must drop if you want to win using perm2.

Besides, selecting 3 numbers gives you 3 lines, and choosing 5 numbers leads to the generation of 10 lines.

Also, if you choose 7 numbers, you will get 21 lines of possible winning while 10 numbers give you 45 lines.

For perm2, the multiplier is 240, and the system takes care of the mathematics, hence, you don’t need to worry.

The table below explains better;

Numbers SelectedAmount of lines

How Much Can You Win With Perm2?

You can perm 2 from 5 for 10 lines and stake with N50, which is equivalent to N5 for one line.

When two numbers drop, you will win 240 * 5 * 1 line = N1200.

If you are lucky to get 3 numbers showing up, your winning will be 240 * 5 * 3 lines = N3600.

What’s more, the dropping of all the 5 numbers will fetch you 240 * 5 * 10 = N12000.

MSP Result for Today

Find below the Baba Ijebu MSP result for today.

baba ijebu msp result

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Moreover, you will get Baba Ijebu past result, Baba Ijebu past result to forecast today, premier lotto result today.

DateGameWinning NumbersMachine NumbersTime
Mon Feb 6, 2023MSP Result16-18-07-02-7214-33-63-30-527:45 PM
Mon Jan 30, 2023MSP Result58-45-75-60-2381-21-25-04-807:45 PM
Mon Jan 23, 2023MSP Result31-75-23-10-1885-43-72-05-887:45 PM
Mon Jan 16, 2023MSP Result02-83-05-22-5911-16-39-79-747:45 PM
Mon Dec 19, 2022MSP Result16-71-62-70-7733-78-60-07-727:45 PM
Mon Dec 12, 2022MSP Result36-05-80-62-4860-88-41-06-847:45 PM
Mon Dec 5, 2022MSP Result05-19-72-23-3658-44-01-04-807:45 PM
Mon Nov 28, 2022MSP Result26-74-20-07-5987-40-05-37-177:45 PM
Mon Nov 21, 2022MSP Result49-31-22-58-2478-16-53-84-327:45 PM
Mon Nov 14, 2022MSP Result01-49-05-67-5885-43-17-47-657:45 PM
Mon Nov 7, 2022MSP Result58-86-47-80-2883-63-38-49-787:45 PM
Mon Oct 31, 2022MSP Result33-38-01-26-4062-10-17-09-597:45 PM
Mon Oct 24, 2022MSP Result15-12-09-04-4974-38-53-64-807:45 PM
Mon Oct 17, 2022MSP Result87-55-80-23-4081-59-13-48-637:45 PM
Mon Oct 10, 2022MSP Result30-39-55-34-4067-09-45-64-857:45 PM
Mon Oct 3, 2022MSP Result10-48-25-87-6522-88-52-63-827:45 PM
Mon Sep 26, 2022MSP Result46-40-75-73-8528-13-44-34-727:45 PM
Mon Sep 19, 2022MSP Result78-49-40-38-3684-89-73-81-907:45 PM
Mon Sep 12, 2022MSP Result50-27-39-34-4863-08-75-57-117:45 PM
Mon Sep 5, 2022MSP Result80-35-29-76-2064-38-72-59-777:45 PM
Mon Aug 29, 2022MSP Result19-83-39-50-1878-16-54-76-41
7:45 PM
Mon Aug 22, 2022MSP Result68-05-51-20-7037-66-04-90-797:45 PM
Mon Aug 15, 2022MSP Result30-60-37-85-7782-19-28-71-217:45 PM
Mon Aug 8, 2022MSP Result53-77-85-88-5567-17-64-43-157:45 PM
Mon Aug 1, 2022MSP Result76-58-11-28-4318-25-54-63-087:45 PM
Mon Jul 25, 2022MSP Result76-75-55-41-0181-84-18-56-237:45 PM
Mon Jul 18, 2022MSP Result64-62-47-80-5378-69-18-57-037:45 PM
Mon Jul 4, 2022MSP Result58-43-13-25-6163-12-15-62-887:45 PM
Mon Jun 27, 2022MSP Result18-43-39-53-4187-64-81-74-267:45 PM
Mon Jun 20, 2022MSP Result66-22-86-75-4020-82-73-03-197:45 PM
Mon Jun 13, 2022MSP Result22-17-59-43-3787-81-42-36-747:45 PM
Mon Jun 6, 2022MSP Result57-30-69-51-4913-48-59-82-337:45 PM
Mon May 30, 2022MSP Result73-44-68-12-1635-25-65-17-607:45 PM
Mon May 23, 2022MSP Result22-20-58-87-1204-09-72-81-787:45 PM
Mon May 16, 2022MSP Result31-86-02-03-3706-59-61-66-687:45 PM
Mon May 9, 2022MSP Result54-90-63-17-2149-68-77-13-147:45 PM
Mon Apr 25, 2022MSP Result37-34-42-13-2288-54-58-16-187:45 PM
Mon Apr 11, 2022MSP Result27-05-76-73-6674-13-38-68-777:45 PM
Mon Apr 4, 2022MSP Result77-62-40-85-8715-54-23-71-787:45 PM
Mon Mar 28, 2022MSP Result18-48-82-83-7858-26-32-46-747:45 PM
Mon Mar 21, 2022MSP Result05-39-82-84-8375-52-65-61-907:45 PM
Mon Mar 14, 2022MSP Result59-32-84-24-7833-07-22-09-557:45 PM
Mon Feb 28, 2022MSP Result29-34-47-39-0304-48-14-01-907:45 PM
Mon Feb 21, 2022MSP Result08-28-34-03-2071-14-24-10-837:45 PM
Mon Feb 14, 2022MSP Result65-46-85-23-4243-10-37-68-077:45 PM
Mon Feb 7, 2022MSP Result07-44-27-37-1551-10-72-82-197:45 PM
Mon Jan 31, 2022MSP Result80-24-41-74-2105-71-75-53-137:45 PM
Mon Jan 24, 2022MSP Result88-63-11-90-3542-30-15-24-497:45 PM
Mon Jan 17, 2022MSP Result57-35-56-88-40
85-45-87-09-837:45 PM
Mon Jan 10, 2022MSP Result37-21-82-20-8678-63-23-56-487:45 PM
Mon Dec 20, 2021MSP Result88-77-19-74-4341-18-60-29-447:45 PM
Mon Dec 13, 2022MSP Result60-70-46-45-8221-15-27-04-767:45 PM
Mon Dec 6, 2021MSP Result34-26-63-09-47
7:45 PM
Mon Nov 29, 2021MSP Result31-54-12-09-4645-53-43-22-287:45 PM
Mon Nov 22, 2021MSP Result06-52-07-79-0454-75-67-60-427:45 PM
Mon Nov 15, 2021MSP Result74-77-05-33-08
7:45 PM
Mon Nov 8, 2021MSP Result87-42-53-06-6867-33-11-16-657:45 PM
Mon Nov 1, 2021MSP Result14-24-31-88-5269-87-44-55-857:45 PM
Mon Oct 25, 2021MSP Result69-49-10-63-8675-89-16-28-777:45 PM
Mon Oct 18, 2021MSP Result29-75-80-10-3151-78-11-65-667:45 PM
Mon Oct 11, 2021MSP Result70-32-40-06-7247-23-75-42-577:45 PM
Mon Oct 4, 2021MSP Result36-26-65-37-6085-75-10-88-487:45 PM
Mon Sep 27, 2021MSP Result12-42-26-23-8910-82-30-48-757:45 PM
Mon Sep 20, 2021MSP Result83-56-90-82-6320-05-29-06-51
7:45 PM
Mon Sep 13, 2021MSP Result89-66-27-81-2309-42-72-78-827:45 PM
Mon Sep 6, 2021MSP Result24-07-90-84-7364-37-28-29-547:45 PM

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