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If you are searching for Green lotto result, here is the right place to be. Green Lotto is a leading lottery company in Nigeria.

The company is registered in Nigeria and based in Mushin, Lagos with its operations regulated by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.

green lotto result

In addition, it organises 8 indoor games everyday and all the 6 Ghana games.

Its games include Naija Vag, Dream Number, Naija Win, Unlimited, Now Now, Champion, Destiny, and Hot Cake.

Others are Lucky Game, Green Special, Royal Treasure, Confam, and Win Big.

On Sundays,  Green lotto organises 4 games for its customers.

Green Lotto Result Table

DateGameWinning NumbersMachine NumbersTime
Tue Oct 11, 2022Royal Treasure Result47-82-18-29-4458-68-76-04-6210pm
Tue Oct 11, 2022Destiny Result48-69-13-67-5999-63-71-18-529pm
Tue Oct 11, 2022LKY Result24-28-23-10-5822-20-57-35-867:45pm
Tue Oct 11, 2022Naija Win Result81-58-24-72-1777-44-74-09-676:30pm
Tue Oct 11, 2022Dream Number Result78-32-10-25-8006-02-72-01-554pm
Tue Oct 11, 2022Unlimited Result41-47-81-54-4535-13-37-86-792pm
Tue Oct 11, 2022Green Special Result06-27-70-53-4261-20-75-26-1712pm
Tue Oct 11, 2022Lucky Game Result02-84-35-37-6369-40-01-66-2510am
Tue Oct 11, 2022Naija Vag Result01-74-69-90-8777-52-26-79-059am
Mon Oct 10, 2022Hot Cake Result82-14-40-09-1866-23-51-50-5210pm
Mon Oct 10, 2022Destiny Result32-80-61-81-6277-45-57-76-699pm
Mon Oct 10, 2022MSP Result30-39-55-34-4067-09-45-64-857:45pm
Mon Oct 10, 2022Champion Result31-73-40-61-8611-83-32-35-496:30pm
Mon Oct 10, 2022Now Now Result62-34-66-02-1267-05-37-38-884pm
Mon Oct 10, 2022Unlimited Result76-96-33-13-5134-15-03-89-582pm
Mon Oct 10, 2022Naija Win Result59-82-64-04-0649-24-23-83-0712pm
Mon Oct 10, 2022Dream Number Result16-45-02-33-2706-14-72-64-7710am
Mon Oct 10, 2022Naija Vag Result85-66-60-49-1865-33-73-87-219am
Thu Sep 8, 2022Win Big Result84-32-39-58-0436-15-87-28-2310pm
Thu Sep 8, 2022Destiny (5/99) Result56-05-06-37-3198-15-23-42-879pm
Thu Sep 8, 2022Green Lotto FTN Result13-84-69-49-1222-77-61-85-487:45pm
Thu Sep 8, 2022Champion Result60-03-58-88-6765-07-85-31-546:30pm
Thu Sep 8, 2022Now Now Result73-34-79-59-2189-39-82-76-684pm
Thu Sep 8, 2022Unlimited (5/99) Result08-27-25-35-9568-91-13-26-982pm
Thu Sep 8, 2022Naija Win Result10-16-06-18-0426-64-60-36-4712pm
Thu Sep 8, 2022Dream Number Result02-16-26-04-8119-49-20-80-2310am
Thu Sep 8, 2022Naija Vag Result62-29-90-30-5802-41-49-67-769am
Wed Sep 7, 2022Confam Result13-72-34-24-4814-65-86-43-0710pm
Wed Sep 7, 2022Destiny (5/99) Result59-85-70-90-2598-61-30-45-339pm
Wed Sep 7, 2022Green Lotto MID Result53-16-54-62-4373-22-37-42-177:45pm
Wed Sep 7, 2022Green Special Result04-67-70-32-1545-22-82-17-486:30pm
Wed Sep 7, 2022Lucky Game Result52-76-66-24-1079-14-71-49-574pm
Wed Sep 7, 2022Unlimited (5/99) Result47-94-64-06-8735-24-33-68-272pm
Wed Sep 7, 2022Champion Result90-84-62-14-8311-22-78-63-0912pm
Wed Sep 7, 2022Now Now Result28-16-14-26-7023-57-08-11-4610am
Wed Sep 7, 2022Naija Vag Result79-12-64-78-0902-20-40-32-909am
Tue Sep 6, 2022Royal Treasure Result13-79-09-65-6369-64-42-50-0610pm
Tue Sep 6, 2022Destiny (5/99) Result16-21-83-34-8694-23-77-65-619pm
Tue Sep 6, 2022Green Lotto LKY Result73-03-12-66-6225-74-50-04-617:45pm
Tue Sep 6, 2022Naija Win Result16-36-45-67-7042-75-35-02-766:30pm
Tue Sep 6, 2022Dream Number Result68-30-59-02-6920-57-84-01-814pm
Tue Sep 6, 2022Unlimited (5/99) Result91-15-26-84-7599-54-50-44-082pm
Tue Sep 6, 2022Green Special Result79-21-20-90-6570-56-66-48-8712pm
Tue Sep 6, 2022Lucky Game Result67-55-18-70-8971-62-32-12-5610am
Tue Sep 6, 2022Naija Vag Result54-18-28-02-8816-81-06-30-299am
Mon Sep 5, 2022Hot Cake Result85-37-09-42-8730-57-43-67-5410pm
Mon Sep 5, 2022Destiny (5/99) Result63-37-08-24-6903-35-73-85-029pm
Mon Sep 5, 2022Green Lotto MSP Result80-35-29-76-2064-38-72-59-777:45pm
Mon Sep 5, 2022Champion Result39-52-65-26-2544-86-12-72-296:30pm
Mon Sep 5, 2022Now Now Result32-09-55-39-2214-78-47-53-904pm
Mon Sep 5, 2022Unlimited (5/99) Result63-44-99-22-0980-73-16-24-362pm
Mon Sep 5, 2022Naija Win Result10-15-45-27-4179-29-23-40-8812pm
Mon Sep 5, 2022Dream Number Result78-70-61-75-5758-47-48-76-5210am
Mon Sep 5, 2022Naija Vag Result67-78-10-27-4435-32-45-05-179am
Sun Sep 4, 2022Hot Cake Result04-18-72-47-8429-70-69-42-099pm
Sun Sep 4, 2022Asheda Result08-74-67-02-7782-51-66-88-197:10pm
Sun Sep 4, 2022Confam Result32-02-64-17-4867-38-57-42-314pm
Sun Sep 4, 2022Royal Treasure Result73-52-59-06-6176-08-72-16-5112pm
Sat Sep 3, 2022Confam Result22-48-59-40-13
Sat Sep 3, 2022Destiny (5/99) Result38-16-36-69-01
Sat Sep 3, 2022Green Lotto NAT Result22-44-37-33-2551-74-69-36-857:45pm
Sat Sep 3, 2022Green Special Result16-41-78-62-0407-28-86-02-056.30pm
Sat Sep 3, 2022Lucky Game Result23-73-62-18-5319-52-06-64-884pm
Sat Sep 3, 2022Unlimited (5/99) Result14-69-65-67-0149-61-78-75-452pm
Sat Sep 3, 2022Champion Result71-65-30-32-3552-55-86-85-3412pm
Sat Sep 3, 2022Now Now Result86-07-63-13-8436-70-39-11-1210am
Sat Sep 3, 2022Naija Vag Result49-48-30-59-3645-25-75-15-549am
Fri Sep 2, 2022Royal Treasure Result17-34-08-52-3004-28-41-29-5110pm
Fri Sep 2, 2022Destiny (5/99) Result53-48-13-79-2983-50-97-64-389pm
Fri Sep 2, 2022Green Lotto BNZ Result07-55-17-10-4861-68-02-89-357:45pm
Fri Sep 2, 2022Naija Win Result76-04-33-32-0756-86-06-37-166.30pm
Fri Sep 2, 2022Dream Number Result36-08-56-27-9054-50-01-25-804pm
Fri Sep 2, 2022Unlimited (5/99) Result76-25-89-97-7271-15-94-66-122pm
Fri Sep 2, 2022Green Special Result67-44-90-33-4037-84-24-63-3612pm
Fri Sep 2, 2022Lucky Game Result08-11-29-28-7564-59-73-23-8610am
Fri Sep 2, 2022Naija Vag Result16-01-29-27-7814-32-72-17-649am

Green Lotto Games

Green lotto plays Naija Vag every day, except Sunday, by 9 am.

Find below the day-by-day schedule of the games.

Monday Games

Every Monday, after Naija Vag, it’s time to play Dream Number by 10 am.

By 12 pm, stakers put their money on Naija Win.

In addition, at 2 pm, Unlimited lotto takes the center stage, which is a 5/99 game.

Now Now lotto is the choice of stakers at 4 pm while Champion is slated for 6:30 pm.

Also, MSP comes on board at 7:45 pm and Destiny (5/99) is at 9 pm.

Hot Cake lotto rounds off the day at 10 pm.

Tuesday Games

On Tuesday, after Naija Vag, Lucky Game comes next at 10 am.

Green Special is at 12 pm while Unlimited (5/99) is at 2 pm.

Furthermore, Dream Number takes place at 4 pm followed by Naija Win at 6:30 pm.

When it is 7:45 pm, it’s time for lotto players to have fun with LKY.

What’s more, Destiny (5/99) is at 9 pm and Royal Treasure completes the day at 10 pm.

Wednesday Games

Now Now comes on board at 10 am followed by Champion at 12 pm.

When it is 2 pm, it’s the turn of Unlimited (5/99) and Lucky Game is at 4 pm.

Moreover, Green Special is at 6:30 pm while MID comes on board at 7:45 pm.

Destiny (5/99) is next at 9 pm and Confam ends the day at 10 pm.

Thursday Games

Dream Number is at 10 am followed by Naija Win at 12 pm.

Besides, 2 pm is the time for Unlimited (5/99) and 4 pm is for Now Now.

Champion and FTN are for 6:30 pm and 7:45 pm respectively.

Also, Destiny (5/99) is at 9 pm followed by Win Big at 10 pm.

Friday Games

Lucky Game comes after Naija Vag by 10 am.

Green Special and Unlimited (5/99) are for 12 pm and 2 pm respectively.

When the time is 4 pm, Dream Number comes on board while Naija Win is at 6 pm.

BNZ is at 7:45 pm and Destiny (5/99) is at 9 pm.

Besides, Friday ends with Royal Treasure at 10 pm.

Saturday Games

As usual, Naija Vag begins Saturday at 9 am followed by Now Now at 10 am.

At 12 pm, it’s time to play Champion and Unlimited (5/99) is at 2 pm.

Every 4 pm on Saturday, Lucky Game takes the center stage while Green Special comes next at 6:30 pm.

Moreover, NAT is at 7:45 pm and Destiny (5/99) is for 9 pm while Confam ends the day at 10 pm.

Sunday Games

Green lotto plays only four games on Sunday.

Royal Treasure is the first game of the day at 12 pm followed by Confam at 4 pm.

When it is 6:30 pm, stakers put their money on Win Big while Hot Cake rounds off the day at 9 pm.

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