Edu R&S Lotto Result Today – Yesterday & Past

R&S Lotto is a top lottery company in Nigeria.

The company is registered in Nigeria and based in Enugu State with its operations regulated by the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.

r&s lotto

It currently organises 25 indoor games for a total of 41 games every week.

Its games include Sunrise, R&S Special, R&S Naija, Jackpot, Sunday Special, Sawaki, Peoples, Onitsha Special, International, and MSP East.

In addition, its other games are Good Night, Sunrise, Clubmasters, Cross Rivers Special, Lucky East, Dream Night, and Enugu Special.

Others are Anabra Special, Rivers Special, Midweek East, Akwa Ibom Special, Abia Special, Fortune East, Bonanza East, Aba Bonanza, and National East.

R&S Lotto Result Table

DateGameWinning NumbersExtra 6&7Machine NumbersTime
Wed Oct 26, 2022Good Night Result88-82-24-11-7916-0559-08-83-87-3610:00 PM
Wed Oct 26, 2022Midweek East Result39-89-23-76-2516-8141-07-33-54-909:15 PM
Wed Oct 26, 2022Rivers Special Result17-66-12-54-8865-2529-62-87-85-494:30 PM
Wed Oct 26, 2022Anabra Special Result07-42-46-61-7443-4982-01-52-86-302:30 PM
Wed Oct 26, 2022People's Result28-30-74-20-8302-4740-34-23-10-5212:30 PM
Wed Oct 26, 2022Enugu Special Result74-13-05-87-5744-8271-36-75-28-689:30 AM
Tue Oct 25, 2022Dream Night Result32-76-18-33-3183-1055-35-79-85-5110:00 PM
Tue Oct 25, 2022Lucky East Result57-48-49-44-9064-7403-72-78-59-899:15 PM
Tue Oct 25, 2022Jackpot's Result26-49-36-71-2119-5770-16-30-32-674:30 PM
Tue Oct 25, 2022Cross Rivers Special Result35-64-85-24-2237-7214-75-12-31-882:30 PM
Tue Oct 25, 2022Clubmaster's Result15-57-34-59-6480-8751-04-39-05-5012:30 PM
Tue Oct 25, 2022Sunrise Result53-72-24-80-7641-8643-16-65-52-089:30 AM
Mon Oct 24, 2022Good Night Result35-22-29-03-8659-6318-32-71-15-7510:00 PM
Mon Oct 24, 2022MSP East Result85-16-39-57-3445-1335-49-56-44-849:15 PM
Mon Oct 24, 2022International Result12-54-15-44-2001-5364-04-71-50-514:30 PM
Mon Oct 24, 2022Onitsha Special Result07-04-47-84-2409-6657-05-68-55-852:30 PM
Mon Oct 24, 2022Peoples Result73-84-82-83-6165-6851-71-15-75-8612:30 PM
Mon Oct 24, 2022Sawaki Result72-25-18-71-8185-1469-23-29-15-399:30 AM
Sun Oct 23, 2022Sunday Special Result89-10-11-41-5823-2116-38-72-84-709:30 PM
Sun Oct 23, 2022Jackpot's Result75-77-44-78-7216-4807-28-32-60-194:30 PM
Sun Oct 23, 2022R&S Naija Result13-03-47-55-7802-7758-87-40-71-792:30 PM
Sun Oct 23, 2022R&S Special Result66-51-73-55-6310-3474-20-11-41-4812:30 PM
Sun Oct 23, 2022Sunrise Result73-30-86-62-7964-7036-63-37-44-4310:00 AM
Sat Oct 22, 2022Dream Night Result31-83-67-46-6052-0845-82-56-22-5410:00 PM
Sat Oct 22, 2022National East Result08-17-85-31-4078-3407-75-15-35-669:15 PM
Sat Oct 22, 2022Aba Bonanza Result09-88-05-82-0835-2751-62-64-44-344:30 PM
Sat Oct 22, 2022Cross Rivers Special Result79-04-06-46-2701-8480-47-76-83-562:30 PM
Sat Oct 22, 2022Clubmaster's Result60-06-40-44-3216-3931-64-01-62-1412:30 PM
Sat Oct 22, 2022Sawaki Result26-16-40-67-1403-3379-74-54-44-319:30 AM
Fri Oct 21, 2022Good Night Result15-70-19-60-7310-1168-12-51-52-0710:00 PM
Fri Oct 21, 2022Bonanza East Result54-19-40-31-3817-1071-72-73-69-159:15 PM
Fri Oct 21, 2022International Result49-09-36-07-5074-7861-43-67-02-624:30 PM
Fri Oct 21, 2022Onitsha Special Result54-03-45-14-1539-0734-57-44-84-722:30 PM
Fri Oct 21, 2022People's Result04-15-21-24-1458-3722-55-50-20-2512:30 PM
Fri Oct 21, 2022Enugu Special Result41-28-18-54-6967-3635-83-80-78-869:30 AM
Thu Oct 20, 2022Dream Night Result71-30-38-69-3917-1323-11-48-15-5510:00 PM
Thu Oct 20, 2022Fortune East Result38-06-85-20-5467-8775-52-72-09-299:15 PM
Thu Oct 20, 2022Abia Special Result45-57-28-72-8090-8631-89-63-54-294:30 PM
Thu Oct 20, 2022Akwa Ibom Special Result11-27-33-84-4183-3225-26-01-86-902:30 PM
Thu Oct 20, 2022Clubmaster's Result50-04-85-20-5856-4875-13-12-59-6412:30 PM
Thu Oct 20, 2022R&S Special Result64-06-25-17-3371-4460-62-04-18-459:30 AM
Wed Oct 19, 2022Good Night Result06-31-57-73-4280-1701-72-75-28-1310:00 PM
Wed Oct 19, 2022Midweek East Result03-36-14-51-2490-3743-70-19-46-699:15 PM
Wed Oct 19, 2022Rivers Special Result22-84-01-26-2803-3688-51-55-57-894:30 PM
Wed Oct 19, 2022Anabra Special Result30-06-54-44-1946-0843-14-83-47-342:30 PM
Wed Oct 19, 2022People's Result06-75-03-74-3173-1539-36-77-76-3312:30 PM
Wed Oct 19, 2022Enugu Special Result12-52-76-01-7202-6877-14-27-45-679:30 AM
Tue Oct 18, 2022Dream Night Result76-45-85-55-2449-1472-22-56-19-4410:00 PM
Tue Oct 18, 2022Lucky East Result01-61-66-79-7188-5877-36-16-14-349:15 PM
Tue Oct 18, 2022Jackpot's Result78-25-57-41-5542-5907-14-17-48-214:30 PM
Tue Oct 18, 2022Cross Rivers Special Result23-61-13-39-6320-4455-88-62-19-642:30 PM
Tue Oct 18, 2022Clubmaster's Result60-46-45-49-0530-2287-53-41-08-4412:30 PM
Tue Oct 18, 2022Sunrise Result27-50-07-43-6729-3768-31-08-18-039:30 AM
Tue Oct 18, 2022Sunrise Result27-50-07-43-6729-3768-31-08-18-039:30 AM
Mon Oct 17, 2022Good Night Result85-89-52-78-5527-8884-20-18-09-5910:00 PM
Mon Oct 17, 2022MSP East Result82-79-34-09-1824-1688-51-49-67-599:15 PM
Mon Oct 17, 2022International Result62-46-65-70-0363-4285-84-55-35-594:30 PM
Mon Oct 17, 2022Onitsha Special Result55-84-57-31-7882-3743-42-21-30-322:30 PM
Mon Oct 17, 2022People's Result17-70-31-60-7406-7639-15-75-81-7112:30 PM
Mon Oct 17, 2022Sawaki Result42-56-26-69-5447-4373-40-33-11-189:30 AM
Sun Oct 16, 2022Sunday Special Result20-49-27-89-5547-8560-51-17-46-309:30 PM
Sun Oct 16, 2022Jackpot's Result35-54-85-36-7288-5183-25-03-70-064:30 PM
Sun Oct 16, 2022R&S Naija Result69-17-50-40-1043-6074-04-33-19-112:30 PM
Sun Oct 16, 2022R&S Special Result17-83-55-49-4827-6711-38-70-15-8112:30 PM
Sun Oct 16, 2022Sunrise Result08-47-13-03-3983-1130-44-22-86-7010:00 AM
Sat Oct 15, 2022Dream Night Result86-64-29-27-1318-4442-24-15-51-2210:00 PM
Sat Oct 15, 2022National East Result09-88-27-11-6374-6233-87-89-48-179:15 PM
Sat Oct 15, 2022Aba Bonanza Result22-30-66-15-7524-1663-80-20-43-134:30 PM
Sat Oct 15, 2022Cross Rivers Special Result16-65-66-69-2917-6040-05-57-62-882:30 PM
Sat Oct 15, 2022Clubmaster's Result13-15-35-60-4338-0384-06-07-57-1612:30 PM
Sat Oct 15, 2022Sawaki Result14-46-08-04-3419-1140-82-65-13-249:30 AM
Fri Oct 14, 2022Good Night Result46-21-69-59-2464-4770-43-41-84-2710:00 PM
Fri Oct 14, 2022Bonanza East Result90-26-33-54-0262-5549-84-66-41-119:15 PM
Fri Oct 14, 2022International Result70-83-38-87-0957-1780-14-48-43-824:30 PM
Fri Oct 14, 2022Onitsha Special Result49-89-09-88-0485-6518-31-02-10-392:30 PM
Fri Oct 14, 2022People's Result38-45-28-15-1242-1068-57-30-20-2212:30 PM
Fri Oct 14, 2022Enugu Special Result11-48-85-47-1978-0388-05-40-74-739:30 AM
Thu Oct 13, 2022Dream Night Result21-40-30-87-5045-1402-49-22-68-3910:00 PM
Thu Oct 13, 2022Fortune East Result23-65-72-75-0176-5925-21-40-54-109:15 PM
Thu Oct 13, 2022Abia Special Result31-57-34-23-7438-0887-67-69-78-894:30 PM
Thu Oct 13, 2022Akwa Ibom Special Result85-54-56-74-8041-3161-45-42-38-172:30 PM
Thu Oct 13, 2022Clubmaster's Result44-53-73-50-2381-2639-17-82-59-7012:30 PM
Thu Oct 13, 2022R&S Special Result58-09-17-67-3559-5328-10-05-66-559:30 AM
Wed Oct 12, 2022Good Night Result17-83-72-05-8120-6667-37-40-90-3810:00 PM
Wed Oct 12, 2022Midweek East Result31-45-21-81-0348-9055-37-18-33-639:15 PM
Wed Oct 12, 2022Rivers Special Result14-16-83-15-0553-4338-28-07-30-594:30 PM
Wed Oct 12, 2022Anabra Special Result61-82-20-08-7768-4450-18-56-40-552:30 PM
Wed Oct 12, 2022People's Result23-24-02-40-3944-7009-57-76-85-3112:30 PM
Wed Oct 12, 2022Enugu Special Result05-49-82-44-1434-2016-90-70-60-359:30 AM
Tue Oct 11, 2022Dream Night Result16-77-17-87-8843-4574-84-13-07-3010:00 PM
Tue Oct 11, 2022Lucky East Result04-89-34-15-5557-4778-68-60-17-189:15 PM
Tue Oct 11, 2022Jackpot's Result52-55-36-83-1745-1967-27-44-10-764:30 PM
Tue Oct 11, 2022Cross Rivers Special Result44-19-84-52-6401-2187-55-72-86-732:30 PM
Tue Oct 11, 2022Clubmaster's Result79-62-27-40-6656-2686-14-33-84-9012:30 PM
Tue Oct 11, 2022Sunrise Result07-21-84-64-7876-2473-36-42-55-439:30 AM
Mon Oct 10, 2022Good Night Result66-13-25-10-0964-3878-01-08-17-4510:00 PM
Mon Oct 10, 2022MSP East Result79-35-65-22-2363-0185-76-61-10-309:15 PM
Mon Oct 10, 2022International Result38-59-56-19-2182-8303-62-13-18-524:30 PM
Mon Oct 10, 2022Onitsha Special Result22-12-51-68-4720-4810-80-52-23-112:30 PM
Mon Oct 10, 2022People's Result47-77-07-26-5518-2270-51-65-83-0812:30 PM
Mon Oct 10, 2022Sawaki Result55-76-72-42-1869-4131-12-08-27-829:30 AM
Sun Oct 9, 2022Sunday Special Result56-45-06-30-7423-4059-36-21-44-579:30 PM
Sun Oct 9, 2022Jackpot's Result61-55-67-09-3007-4660-15-82-23-384:30 PM
Sun Oct 9, 2022R&S Naija Result48-38-71-60-4415-3772-59-55-28-672:30 PM
Sun Oct 9, 2022R&S Special Result27-56-40-01-2478-7033-72-11-66-8112:30 PM
Sun Oct 9, 2022Sunrise Result67-40-24-71-6422-0359-56-76-49-8510:00 AM
Sat Oct 8, 2022Dream Night Result85-22-12-52-0413-1078-23-89-51-8010:00 PM
Sat Oct 8, 2022National East Result07-74-63-59-4686-1632-76-11-78-289:15 PM
Sat Oct 8, 2022Aba Bonanza Result63-62-87-20-3208-6873-60-16-69-404:30 PM
Sat Oct 8, 2022Cross Rivers Special Result56-31-37-70-4169-1387-02-68-88-332:30 PM
Sat Oct 8, 2022Clubmatser's Result01-27-34-21-3254-2018-48-70-65-3612:30 PM
Sat Oct 8, 2022Sawaki Result31-46-36-55-7464-9018-51-53-30-379:30 AM
Fri Oct 7, 2022Good Night Result23-11-34-20-6370-1879-06-53-15-4110:00 PM
Fri Oct 7, 2022Bonanza East Result74-34-18-52-5662-0358-38-61-46-109:15 PM
Fri Oct 7, 2022International Result26-56-44-42-5080-4986-05-13-02-344:30 PM
Fri Oct 7, 2022Onitsha Special Result28-13-34-89-1243-7168-78-52-35-642:30 PM
Fri Oct 7, 2022People's Result10-09-47-37-7734-8168-03-39-32-2012:30 PM
Fri Oct 7, 2022Enugu Special Result18-09-46-57-4102-3920-36-52-61-499:30 AM
Thu Oct 6, 2022Dream Night Result14-72-53-11-1201-4521-24-77-64-8410:00 PM
Thu Oct 6, 2022Fortune East Result01-19-08-49-3216-7304-27-23-06-349:15 PM
Thu Oct 6, 2022Abia Special Result58-55-52-47-1510-7409-46-53-71-614:30 PM
Thu Oct 6, 2022Akwa Ibom Special Result72-04-12-65-6957-2426-73-36-79-802:30 PM
Thu Oct 6, 2022Clubmaster's Result89-28-50-10-5768-6674-13-30-35-6212:30 PM
Thu Oct 6, 2022R&S Special Result57-77-38-70-0784-4072-90-64-04-469:30 AM
Wed Oct 5, 2022Good Night Result68-24-14-83-8161-8274-20-75-76-5310:00 PM
Wed Oct 5, 2022Midweek East Result50-73-04-35-6339-7568-36-34-29-219:15 PM
Wed Oct 5, 2022Rivers Special Result18-65-34-77-2817-2043-13-86-04-884:30 PM
Wed Oct 5, 2022Anabra Special Result73-79-28-21-4753-8711-72-17-08-092:30 PM
Wed Oct 5, 2022People's Result13-76-51-85-7117-5429-86-39-31-3712:30 PM
Wed Oct 5, 2022Enugu Special Result81-14-65-38-1769-6715-57-73-60-429:30 AM
Tue Oct 4, 2022Dream Night Result84-01-40-24-6287-6078-67-22-15-7410:00 PM
Tue Oct 4, 2022Lucky East Result44-63-04-26-5207-1675-28-37-67-209:15 PM
Tue Oct 4, 2022Jackpot's Result09-47-06-19-1263-6658-23-74-76-754:30 PM
Tue Oct 4, 2022Cross Rivers Special Result88-26-82-08-8755-6958-76-14-47-222:30 PM
Tue Oct 4, 2022Clubmaster's Result01-53-60-16-4177-6320-48-44-02-5812:30 PM
Tue Oct 4, 2022Sunrise Result38-46-40-47-2584-4903-67-35-88-719:30 AM
Mon Oct 3, 2022Good Night Result53-40-54-04-2814-2445-90-18-01-5610:00 PM
Mon Oct 3, 2022MSP East Result46-61-81-73-0731-2342-52-15-76-039:15 PM
Mon Oct 3, 2022International Result82-71-33-35-3461-4355-66-89-75-474:30 PM
Mon Oct 3, 2022Onitsha Special Result47-75-15-71-0883-4618-07-24-41-482:30 PM
Mon Oct 3, 2022People's Result88-17-53-59-6125-4766-29-21-31-8212:30 PM
Mon Oct 3, 2022Sawaki Result80-15-47-62-2214-5440-57-44-79-889:30 AM
Sun Oct 2, 2022Sunday Special Result90-49-21-43-7246-0536-04-40-18-109:30 PM
Sun Oct 2, 2022Jackpot's Result22-02-27-04-0524-3833-15-10-26-744:30 PM
Sun Oct 2, 2022R&S Naija Result43-86-11-89-0251-3281-67-59-47-492:30 PM
Sun Oct 2, 2022R&S Special Result71-32-29-03-1882-0640-47-12-58-6212:30 PM
Sun Oct 2, 2022Sunrise Result81-04-37-65-8580-1167-73-52-78-4210:00 AM
Sat Oct 1, 2022Dream Night Result27-16-88-13-3964-5375-69-57-12-9010:00 PM
Sat Oct 1, 2022National East Result56-77-60-33-1179-4482-17-13-50-629:15 PM
Sat Oct 1, 2022Aba Bonanza Result30-35-19-25-1406-5966-78-50-31-724:30 PM
Sat Oct 1, 2022Cross Rivers Special Result73-34-87-49-1021-9011-77-25-02-412:30 PM
Sat Oct 1, 2022Clubmaster's Result61-29-48-27-0483-4410-78-88-30-3712:30 PM
Sat Oct 1, 2022Sawaki Result33-65-28-29-0842-9069-02-06-75-669:30 AM
Fri Sep 30, 2022Good Night Result27-12-23-02-6360-3966-72-65-62-9010:00 PM
Fri Sep 30, 2022Bonanza East Result72-57-09-22-6968-5276-35-30-46-659:15 PM
Fri Sep 30, 2022International Result12-85-35-25-1853-4469-64-49-05-434:30 PM
Fri Sep 30, 2022Onitsha Special Special Result45-57-59-04-5289-1082-55-32-29-012:30 PM
Fri Sep 30, 2022People's Result55-19-42-66-9087-2352-17-85-51-6412:30 PM
Fri Sep 30, 2022Enugu Special Result27-12-50-69-2171-7477-80-05-11-649:30 AM
Thu Sep 29, 2022Dream Night Result32-24-38-27-2053-4164-22-36-21-9010:00 PM
Thu Sep 29, 2022Fortune East Result26-90-57-62-8302-7011-21-58-89-129:15 PM
Thu Sep 29, 2022Abia Special Result77-57-18-59-715-?31-19-74-01-244:30 PM
Thu Sep 29, 2022Akwa Ibom Special Result39-79-62-45-1248-7816-06-73-87-712:30 PM
Thu Sep 29, 2022Clubmaster's Result57-52-70-62-2741-3984-43-06-86-4612:30 PM
Thu Sep 29, 2022R&S Special Result66-70-67-31-8489-2154-56-78-07-559:30 AM
Wed Sep 28, 2022Good Night Result09-60-01-36-4215-6266-20-78-28-8110:00 PM
Wed Sep 28, 2022Midweek East Result49-83-26-44-2010-0248-38-30-46-519:15 PM
Wed Sep 28, 2022Rivers Special Result87-26-27-54-7914-6713-19-76-52-834:30 PM
Wed Sep 28, 2022Anabra Special Result11-66-65-71-5522-0133-07-04-21-232:30 PM
Wed Sep 28, 2022People's Result61-75-63-32-6642-2850-05-09-85-8612:30 PM
Wed Sep 28, 2022Enugu Special Result58-90-13-06-5567-6519-53-81-11-169:30 AM
Tue Sep 27, 2022Dream Night Result36-07-90-30-3384-1205-67-10-42-5310:00 PM
Tue Sep 27, 2022Lucky East Result14-34-52-08-8518-1321-64-81-28-209:15 PM
Tue Sep 27, 2022Jackpot's Result71-83-45-67-0816-5351-05-09-21-194:30 PM
Tue Sep 27, 2022Cross Rivers Special Result25-89-28-29-7818-0710-06-05-73-242:30 PM
Tue Sep 27, 2022Clubmaster's Result72-60-71-58-7414-6305-77-78-09-7012:30 PM
Tue Sep 27, 2022Sunrise Result82-61-90-84-6339-2441-01-87-79-789:30 AM
Mon Sep 26, 2022Good Night Result83-71-28-09-0833-4872-46-77-84-5310:00 PM
Mon Sep 26, 2022MSP East Result85-55-70-87-0336-7749-47-06-41-749:15 PM
Mon Sep 26, 2022International Result20-55-87-17-2516-7414-09-33-18-424:30 PM
Mon Sep 26, 2022Onitsha Special Result61-32-82-56-4771-0364-51-78-35-832:30 PM
Mon Sep 26, 2022People's Result61-37-18-42-0341-7081-44-43-50-3812:30 PM
Mon Sep 26, 2022Sawaki Result29-78-11-71-3263-1565-62-19-57-459:30 AM
Sun Sep 25, 2022Sunday Special Result69-57-28-08-6218-1711-19-05-29-889:30 PM
Sun Sep 25, 2022Jackpot's Result73-82-63-79-4822-1416-32-37-74-174:30 PM
Sun Sep 25, 2022R&S Naija Result21-13-03-49-6979-5715-56-04-23-052:30 PM
Sun Sep 25, 2022R&S Special Result32-27-14-48-2333-4257-61-17-12-3712:30 PM
Sun Sep 25, 2022Sunrise Result29-75-73-35-1210-5286-83-47-38-1410:00 AM
Sat Sep 24, 2022Dream Night Result76-02-25-20-3077-4317-36-53-15-8210:00 PM
Sat Sep 24, 2022National East Result37-14-82-68-0943-1646-50-44-30-039:15 PM
Sat Sep 24, 2022Aba Bonanza Result59-20-77-39-6011-2527-29-54-61-424:30 PM
Sat Sep 24, 2022Cross Rivers Special Result36-45-10-49-2763-0989-50-68-03-392:30 PM
Sat Sep 24, 2022Clubmaster's Result45-23-31-21-5534-0490-26-50-43-1212:30 AM
Sat Sep 24, 2022Sawaki Result90-16-88-66-7786-4558-47-31-85-199:30 AM
Fri Sep 23, 2022Good Night Result24-30-86-51-4301-3877-67-14-17-3510:00 PM
Fri Sep 23, 2022Bonanza East Result01-83-75-70-4514-4612-74-44-63-179:15 PM
Fri Sep 23, 2022International Result41-11-79-85-8387-1064-63-23-66-624:30 PM
Fri Sep 23, 2022Onitsha Special Result66-85-84-32-7926-7059-73-60-31-572:30 PM
Fri Sep 23, 2022People's Result26-38-68-17-6904-2160-47-30-74-5612:30 AM
Fri Sep 23, 2022Enugu Special Result03-41-37-46-7249-6644-21-86-10-249:30 AM
Thu Sep 22, 2022Dream Night Result35-18-32-67-5983-4482-12-55-71-7910:00 PM
Thu Sep 22, 2022Fortune East Result11-04-19-89-0829-3668-42-13-69-65
9:15 PM
Thu Sep 22, 2022Abia Special Result35-16-20-31-3721-2268-72-36-62-57
4:30 PM
Thu Sep 22, 2022Akwa Ibom Special Result87-39-22-57-7610-3817-83-29-33-152:30 PM
Thu Sep 22, 2022Clubmaster's Result80-20-86-05-1817-6665-34-29-72-5212:30 AM
Thu Sep 22, 2022R&S Special Result27-38-43-81-7075-8448-17-78-20-419:30 AM
Wed Sep 21, 2022Good Night Result39-11-15-88-4451-2262-56-04-54-4810:00 PM
Wed Sep 21, 2022Midweek East Result63-35-39-14-3149-2262-55-40-72-509:15 PM
Wed Sep 21, 2022Rivers Special Result52-01-06-33-7304-4681-61-09-59-754:30 PM
Wed Sep 21, 2022Anabra Special Result45-01-61-78-4085-2257-90-24-76-072:30 PM
Wed Sep 21, 2022People's Result48-42-67-51-1345-0485-53-52-23-7412:30 AM
Wed Sep 21, 2022Enugu Special Result42-18-89-16-3239-7861-10-08-13-499:30 AM
Tue Sep 20, 2022Dream Night Result83-39-58-13-3419-5349-16-12-44-1410:00 PM
Tue Sep 20, 2022Lucky East Result35-66-83-21-6867-2481-89-19-52-209:15 PM
Tue Sep 20, 2022Jackpot's Result46-39-57-84-8605-0706-26-65-29-834:30 PM
Tue Sep 20, 2022Cross Rivers Special Result32-70-89-55-3813-3501-75-28-61-512:30 PM
Tue Sep 20, 2022Clubmaster's Result28-75-61-87-8376-2280-06-77-60-0912:30 AM
Tue Sep 20, 2022Sunrise Result06-24-09-27-6138-6910-01-59-76-179:30 AM
Mon Sep 19, 2022Good Night Result13-12-09-66-0472-4831-08-23-77-8010:00 PM
Mon Sep 19, 2022MSP East Result62-63-72-65-7109-1622-79-60-69-569:15 PM
Mon Sep 19, 2022International Result70-08-55-69-3985-1350-89-53-45-67
4:30 PM
Mon Sep 19, 2022Onitsha Special Result41-21-25-13-8344-6187-50-84-43-482:30 PM
Mon Sep 19, 2022Peoples Result81-46-30-60-1829-7639-42-14-84-0912:30 AM
Mon Sep 19, 2022Sawaki Result27-84-54-44-3520-6990-77-45-51-299:30 AM
Sun Sep 18, 2022Sunday Special Result18-58-85-02-3655-1470-86-32-13-379:30 PM
Sun Sep 18, 2022Jackpot's Result58-08-17-11-6021-3353-65-15-76-694:30 PM
Sun Sep 18, 2022R&S Naija Result83-77-28-55-7950-2189-81-22-06-562:30 PM
Sun Sep 18, 2022R&S Special Result10-77-31-24-6889-0348-56-20-65-7512:30 PM
Sun Sep 18, 2022Sunrise Result25-52-83-09-0213-1433-75-18-24-6510:00 AM
Sat Sep 17, 2022Dream Night Result78-51-67-56-8440-3409-83-59-03-6610:00 PM
Sat Sep 17, 2022National East Result75-74-28-19-6926-5283-34-04-37-869:15 PM
Sat Sep 17, 2022Aba Bonanza Result89-26-01-39-6573-0854-42-62-44-574:30 PM
Sat Sep 17, 2022Cross Rivers Special Result23-85-59-25-8807-7824-03-39-60-682:30 PM
Sat Sep 17, 2022Clubmaster's Result39-31-23-52-2415-7619-53-33-41-2712:30 PM
Sat Sep 17, 2022Sawaki Result50-58-42-71-6110-5219-64-24-03-329:30 AM
Fri Sep 16, 2022Good Night Result22-63-64-17-2679-4433-41-18-15-0410:00 PM
Fri Sep 16, 2022Bonanza East Result10-63-20-72-2178-3857-18-60-86-229:15 PM
Fri Sep 16, 2022International Result49-12-37-59-7962-8135-43-41-33-874:30 PM
Fri Sep 16, 2022Onitsha Special Result17-69-04-74-2370-2922-45-61-90-552:30 PM
Fri Sep 16, 2022People's Result83-38-14-77-7233-5147-61-08-44-5412:30 PM
Fri Sep 16, 2022Enugu Special Result79-63-07-87-5553-4075-65-33-56-729:30 AM
Thu Sep 15, 2022Dream Night Result02-73-72-90-7743-8642-76-32-30-6310:00 PM
Thu Sep 15, 2022Fortune East Result25-19-37-26-3657-5639-28-12-01-539:15 PM
Thu Sep 15, 2022Abia Special Result50-28-84-49-0571-6961-88-75-87-104:30 PM
Thu Sep 15, 2022Akwa Ibom Special Result44-48-30-72-0486-4225-35-12-20-572:30 PM
Thu Sep 15, 2022Clubmaster's Result62-30-75-32-4008-8457-49-53-82-1912:30 PM
Thu Sep 15, 2022R&S Special Result10-48-82-41-5319-7970-68-65-33-249:30 AM
Wed Sep 14, 2022Good Night Result07-54-09-35-0269-2037-31-59-21-6210:00 PM
Wed Sep 14, 2022Midweek East Result46-12-63-75-4160-0477-14-36-06-179:15 PM
Wed Sep 14, 2022Rivers Special Result31-25-26-60-7280-5778-75-66-07-864:30 PM
Wed Sep 14, 2022Anabra Special Result07-15-09-56-3690-4804-79-27-84-502:30 PM
Wed Sep 14, 2022People's Result13-37-26-20-1466-2331-44-48-03-1912:30 PM
Wed Sep 14, 2022Enugu Special Result41-82-86-64-7555-2462-44-03-65-529:30 AM
Tue Sep 13, 2022Dream Night Result60-28-21-36-0188-5445-19-57-55-7510:00 PM
Tue Sep 13, 2022Lucky East Result39-43-35-44-1460-8680-26-63-33-589:15 PM
Tue Sep 13, 2022Jackpot's Result47-33-27-17-4379-0610-26-28-41-034:30 PM
Tue Sep 13, 2022Cross Rivers Special Result06-30-49-70-6044-0851-19-34-73-832:30 PM
Tue Sep 13, 2022Clubmaster's Result03-44-37-10-6940-5450-32-29-28-1612:30 PM
Tue Sep 13, 2022Sunrise Result58-74-84-10-6272-1435-77-32-18-259:30 AM
Mon Sep 12, 2022Good Night Result16-40-04-64-8252-1290-30-20-75-5610:00 PM
Mon Sep 12, 2022MSP East Result44-82-60-47-3365-7375-08-30-49-349:15 PM
Mon Sep 12, 2022International Result70-72-36-35-6687-3865-29-12-47-534:30 PM
Mon Sep 12, 2022Onitsha Special Result01-15-62-47-0586-8812-81-68-58-272:30 PM
Mon Sep 12, 2022People's Result46-42-48-59-9005-2852-66-73-88-0612:30 PM
Mon Sep 12, 2022Sawaki Result58-13-08-18-5628-2110-66-55-39-529:30 AM
Sun Sep 11, 2022Sunday Special Result68-35-70-67-6284-2801-90-64-36-429:30 PM
Sun Sep 11, 2022Jackpot's Result71-04-78-01-4720-5176-21-70-82-414:30 PM
Sun Sep 11, 2022R&S Naija Result56-49-81-57-7479-6632-47-67-69-032:30 PM
Sun Sep 11, 2022R&S Special Result12-29-49-74-0270-6850-81-37-45-2212:30 PM
Sun Sep 11, 2022Sunrise Result45-47-05-57-1971-6688-55-13-29-5910:00 AM
Sat Sep 10, 2022Dream Night Result67-41-27-39-1823-5502-63-51-75-8310:00 PM
Sat Sep 10, 2022National East Result42-85-45-05-5047-7352-24-36-03-719:15 PM
Sat Sep 10, 2022Cross Rivers Special Result54-14-24-22-1127-8542-10-58-67-132:30 PM
Sat Sep 10, 2022Clubmaster's Result57-23-13-12-6522-1631-79-76-24-7012:30 PM
Sat Sep 10, 2022Sawaki Result30-44-61-54-7239-8618-10-09-70-529:30 AM
Fri Sep 9, 2022Good Night Result48-40-12-31-4332-8271-55-44-30-7610:00 PM
Fri Sep 9, 2022Bonanza East Result03-78-46-10-7209-2913-08-43-04-559:15 PM
Fri Sep 9, 2022International Result67-89-29-84-4703-1408-35-05-09-744:30 PM
Fri Sep 9, 2022Onitsha Special Result85-17-04-48-3054-7814-05-68-34-662:30 PM
Fri Sep 9, 2022People's Result88-04-47-87-8310-7626-32-28-45-6112:30 PM
Fri Sep 9, 2022Enugu Special Result27-47-01-04-3689-6520-50-87-39-179:30 AM
Thu Sep 8, 2022Dream Night Result35-79-67-36-2808-8907-48-44-26-6010:00 PM
Thu Sep 8, 2022Fortune East Result29-19-45-18-3544-2651-82-60-90-649:15 PM
Thu Sep 8, 2022Abia Special Result04-03-10-88-8420-0973-46-89-71-234:30 PM
Thu Sep 8, 2022Akwa Ibom Special Result45-15-64-12-3037-8054-23-36-01-522:30 PM
Thu Sep 8, 2022Clubmaster's Result34-37-67-18-2058-3384-69-47-28-4212:30 PM
Thu Sep 8, 2022R&S Special Result63-34-02-12-0859-5232-74-54-38-589:30 AM
Wed Sep 7, 2022Good Night Result60-12-27-59-4263-7919-77-25-35-3310:00 PM
Wed Sep 7, 2022Midweek East Result84-03-67-56-2202-7330-85-26-88-839:15 PM
Wed Sep 7, 2022Rivers Special Result72-68-37-12-0825-8178-14-31-89-714:30 PM
Wed Sep 7, 2022People's Result36-54-42-43-1722-4534-80-75-81-0612:30 PM
Wed Sep 7, 2022Enugu Special Result48-66-02-28-5322-3587-36-70-23-019:30 AM
Tue Sep 6, 2022Dream Night Result33-46-45-27-3471-3772-90-82-61-2510:00 PM
Tue Sep 6, 2022Lucky East Result22-23-07-40-2138-0583-29-13-64-559:15 PM
Tue Sep 6, 2022Jackpot's Result25-39-48-24-6210-7471-84-66-22-214:30 PM
Tue Sep 6, 2022Cross Rivers Special Result66-13-72-44-3411-2928-12-33-17-102:30 PM
Tue Sep 6, 2022Clubmaster's Result38-35-64-06-0577-0855-37-76-62-0912:30 PM
Tue Sep 6, 2022Sunrise Result67-51-21-55-7010-8942-65-08-43-689:30 AM
Mon Sep 5, 2022Good Night Result36-06-32-20-4265-0488-15-62-50-5410:00 PM
Mon Sep 5, 2022MSP East Result42-52-33-90-1065-1906-89-68-69-499:15 PM
Mon Sep 5, 2022International Result21-81-07-23-2725-1353-73-67-28-194:30 PM
Mon Sep 5, 2022Onitsha Special Result44-75-60-41-2128-4608-68-13-89-562:30 PM
Mon Sep 5, 2022People's Result81-43-03-77-7252-5785-45-59-71-4612:30 PM
Mon Sep 5, 2022Sawaki Result72-74-71-14-0667-9004-57-63-87-119:30 AM
Sun Sep 4, 2022Sunday Special Result56-44-10-43-6928-3163-11-88-25-339:30 PM
Sun Sep 4, 2022Jackpot's Result29-64-14-33-0479-7241-16-06-24-664:30 PM
Sun Sep 4, 2022R&S Naija Result83-54-52-84-6967-5027-19-49-04-462:30 PM
Sun Sep 4, 2022R&S Special Result46-16-66-76-5572-8902-05-70-50-0412:30 PM
Sun Sep 4, 2022Sunrise Result43-51-82-23-4806-5216-80-24-12-5810:00 AM
Sat Sep 3, 2022Dream Night Result08-38-87-05-4627-6614-62-37-59-1810:00 PM
Sat Sep 3, 2022National East Result80-86-68-32-1710-7583-56-11-72-609:15 PM
Sat Sep 3, 2022Aba Bonanza Result46-44-19-75-5889-4070-38-52-86-084:30 PM
Sat Sep 3, 2022Cross Rivers Special Result78-65-44-80-4129-9042-06-36-24-212:30 PM
Sat Sep 3, 2022Clubmaster's Result81-89-25-63-7626-5461-68-56-53-1812:30 PM
Sat Sep 3, 2022Sawaki Result15-85-82-09-1811-3578-86-39-67-049:30 AM
Fri Sep 2, 2022Good Night Result66-14-86-10-0615-5730-88-02-28-0710:00 PM
Fri Sep 2, 2022Bonanza East Result37-57-11-12-6583-4054-36-67-29-489:15 PM
Fri Sep 2, 2022International Result83-42-33-09-0588-7528-65-14-16-664:30 PM
Fri Sep 2, 2022Onitsha Special Result58-31-36-57-7725-0588-16-35-89-852:30 PM
Fri Sep 2, 2022Peoples's Result79-66-84-39-2761-5590-76-69-47-8212:30 PM
Fri Sep 2, 2022Enugu Special Result40-37-51-89-3222-0254-61-79-16-819:30 AM
Thu Sep 1, 2022Dream Night Result68-18-76-27-8978-0880-74-70-41-1510:00 PM
Thu Sep 1, 2022Fortune East Result78-88-62-24-4633-4071-85-31-77-149:15 PM
Thu Sep 1, 2022Abia Special Result29-01-20-87-2725-5502-81-86-66-604:30 PM
Thu Sep 1, 2022Akwa Ibom Special Result72-47-36-74-3853-6412-11-42-57-502:30 PM
Thu Sep 1, 2022Clubmaster's Result51-76-22-72-7935-7747-60-23-85-5612:30 PM
Thu Sep 1, 2022R&S Special Result42-58-72-77-4737-7816-25-26-10-219:30 AM
Wed Aug 31, 2022Good Night Result11-44-71-31-2801-2168-48-20-81-0410:00 PM
Wed Aug 31, 2022Midweek East Result64-54-02-51-9041-5758-60-38-26-154:30 PM
Wed Aug 31, 2022Rivers Special Result32-20-40-46-3110-8460-64-41-19-474:30 PM
Wed Aug 31, 2022Anabra Special Result70-28-16-11-1737-8015-53-51-74-752:30 PM
Wed Aug 31, 2022People's Result08-46-45-09-6221-7047-44-69-66-3912:30 PM
Wed Aug 31, 2022Enugu Special Result82-14-18-15-6733-0240-70-83-46-899:30 AM
Tue Aug 30, 2022Dream Night Result13-59-28-81-1652-7634-40-15-27-1810:00 PM
Tue Aug 30, 2022Lucky East Result51-53-29-65-6902-7590-40-78-18-674:30 PM
Tue Aug 30, 2022Jackpot's Result07-81-21-75-3310-0588-59-49-71-484:30 PM
Tue Aug 30, 2022Cross Rivers Result43-62-24-88-1278-8963-90-16-81-092:30 PM
Tue Aug 30, 2022Clubmaster's Result49-39-35-81-0615-1664-53-82-14-8612:30 PM
Tue Aug 30, 2022Sunrise Result05-42-11-07-4581-5377-51-08-89-259:30 AM
Mon Aug 29, 2022Good Night Result52-10-79-90-5156-4866-43-74-88-8310:00 PM
Mon Aug 29, 2022MSP East Result01-58-70-63-2442-3415-68-40-55-719:15 PM
Mon Aug 29, 2022International Result39-59-14-78-2776-3522-17-83-54-444:30 PM
Mon Aug 29, 2022Onitsha Special Result19-81-10-11-6755-9070-34-29-46-632:30 PM
Mon Aug 29, 2022People's Result64-25-46-35-2032-3052-88-02-85-2812:30 PM
Mon Aug 29, 2022Sawaki Result42-55-66-23-6263-5076-51-02-36-699:30 AM
Sun Aug 28, 2022Sunday Special Result55-22-41-81-6245-46
78-40-70-16-839:30 PM
Sun Aug 28, 2022Jackpot's Result37-42-69-66-5346-0565-63-51-10-624:30 PM
Sun Aug 28, 2022R&S Naija Result55-18-14-69-7353-4250-60-36-88-652:30 PM
Sun Aug 28, 2022R&S Special Result57-65-52-71-7084-6467-47-90-21-8212:30 PM
Sun Aug 28, 2022Sunrise Result22-23-38-03-0205-6106-55-74-90-4910 AM
Sat Aug 27, 2022Dream Night Result31-58-68-80-2215-0108-62-35-81-5610 PM
Sat Aug 27, 2022National East Result57-36-22-49-1809-8488-45-65-12-719:15 PM
Sat Aug 27, 2022Aba Bonanza Result05-30-33-15-7368-0375-01-84-14-904:30 PM
Sat Aug 27, 2022Clubmaster's Result90-21-15-39-1227-2285-78-59-33-0512:30 PM
Sat Aug 27, 2022Sawaki Result30-24-11-36-1364-8015-63-17-88-579:30 AM

R&S Lotto Games

Every Sunday, R&S Lotto organises five games. Sunrise is played at 10 am followed by R&S Special at 12.30 pm. At 2.30 pm, R&S Naija becomes the choice of stakers while the time for Jackpot is 4.30 pm. Sunday Special rounds off Sunday games at 9.30 pm.

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On Mondays, the stakers play Sawaki at 9.30 am while Peoples game is at 12.30 pm. When it is 2.30 pm, Onitsha Special takes centre stage. At 4.30 pm, International is the game to play while MSP East is at 9.15 pm. Good Night ends Monday at 10 pm.

Furthermore, Tuesdays begin with Sunrise at 9.30 pm followed by Clubmasters at 12.30 pm. Also, Cross Rivers Special becomes the centre of focus at 2.30 pm and Jackpot is at 4.30 pm. R&S plays Lucky East at 9.15 pm and Dream Night at 10 pm.

Midweek Games

In addition, on Wednesdays, Enugu Special set the day rolling at 9.30 am. At 12.30 pm, Peoples lotto becomes the stakers’ choice while Anabra is at 2.30 pm. Rivers Special is at 4.30 pm followed by Midweek at 9.15 pm before Good Night rounds off at 10 pm.

Also, every Thursday, stakers play R&S Special for the second time of the week at 9.30 am. Clubmasters is next at 12.30 pm while Akwa Ibom Special takes the centre stage at 2.30 pm. Abia Special is next at 4.30 pm and Fortune East is at 9.15 pm. The day ends with Dream Night at 10 pm.

On Fridays, Enugu Special is at 9.30 am while Peoples game takes place at 12.30 pm. At 2.30 pm, Onitsha Special comes on board and it is the turn of International at 4.30 pm. Bonanza East is at 9.15 pm while Good Night ends Friday at 10 pm.

Moreover, every Saturday, stakers play Sawaki at 9.30 am followed by Clubmasters at 12.30 pm. When it is 2.30 pm, Cross Rivers Special takes the centre stage while Aba Bonanza is at 4.30 pm. National East is at 9.15 pm and the Dream Night game takes place at 10 pm.

How To Play R&S Lotto

For every R&S Lotto game, the company selects five numbers randomly from ninety numbers.

These are the winning numbers for each game. Also, they choose 2 extra numbers to be played separately to win big.
In addition, they choose five other machine numbers, which stakers use to forecast future games.

Playing the game requires you to guess the winning five numbers that may drop.
The game strategy you go for will determine how much you will win if your guessed numbers are part of the winning numbers partly or fully.


A lotto strategy known as napping means that all your selected numbers must be among the winning numbers.

Napping takes various forms including 2, 3, 4 and 5 numbers.

When you nap 2 numbers, your chosen two numbers must be among the winning numbers.

Also, napping 3 numbers means you are choosing three numbers that must drop to win. Nap 4 and 5 games follow the same principle.

Besides, another name for nap 2 is two-sure and stakers generally refer to nap 3 as three-direct. Nap 4 and 5 are referred to as four-direct and five-direct respectively.

The risk involved in napping games is very high but it is highly rewarding.


Permutation is another strategy in R&S Lotto, and it is also referred to as perming.

This strategy helps in boosting your winning chances when you use it.
Permutation can be 2 from 3, 2 from 5, 3 from 5 among others.

For instance, when you perm 2 from 5, two out of the five numbers you choose must drop before you can win.

The amount you will win using this strategy is dependent on your staking amount and the number of lines.

For example, when you perm 2 from 5, there are 10 lines involved. If you stake with N100, you will receive N2,400 if two numbers drop.

Where You Can Play R&S Lotto

R&S Lotto is very popular in the eastern part of Nigeria. You play it at any accredited agents close to you.

Be Warned

Lotto playing is not a quick way to become rich. It is purely created for entertainment while the winning bonus is secondary.

Hence, you should not use your whole savings to play. Use the money you can afford to lose.

In addition, don’t use your property or belongings to play the lotto to avoid losing them.

Addiction to the game is not good for your emotional health. It would lead to frustration.

Formulate a strategy and stick to it. At the right time, you will be part of the winners.

How to Check R&S Lotto Result

Checking R&S lotto results for today, yesterday and past are very vital for knowing if you have won.

Besides, you can use the results to forecast future games by studying patterns and trends.

Checking the result is as easy as ABC. You only need to visit the agent that played the game for you.

Also, you can check the result on the official website of Golden Chance Lotto.

In addition, Naijapost publishes the result immediately after the draws are held.

We present the results in a table format so that it would be easier for you to analyse the games.

Proper analysis of past games can help you to predict the outcome of upcoming games.

Successful prediction is very vital for winning lotto games.

Final Word

Playing the R&S lotto is an avenue to have fun and win big.

However, you must endeavour to play through accredited agents to avoid falling into wrong hands.

Fake people are promoting illegal lotteries that will not pay you when you win.

A genuine lottery administrator must be under the watch of the National Lottery Regulatory Commission.

This will guarantee payment of your winnings when due without giving excuses.

You can rely on R&S Lotto for prompt payment of winnings because it is registered to do the business and is properly regulated.

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